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Bluechip Warranty aims to meet the growing demand for eco-friendly vehicles by providing Vehicle Repair Agreements for electric and hybrid vehicles. Informed by our 50+ years of industry experience, we have developed our Vehicle Repair Agreements to address the challenges and complexities that are associated with electric and hybrid technologies.

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Our Vehicle Repair Agreements are available in three levels of cover,  If you choose Bluechip Warranty, you will have access to the very best claims handling, customer service, and online portal.

Select Cover

This level covers major factory-fitted mechanical and electrical components.

Comprehensive Cover

As the name suggests, this is a comprehensive list of factory-fitted mechanical and electrical components. 

Premium Cover

Almost all the factory-fitted mechanical and electrical components in your vehicle are covered.

Important Information

All covered components under each level of cover are listed within the Vehicle Repair Agreement Booklet.

Please note that some components will have a claim limit or mileage restriction. This will be clearly laid out for you in the Vehicle Repair Agreement booklet.






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