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If you are looking for the very best used vehicle warranty provider for claims handling, customer service, flexibility, and transparency, look no further than Bluechip Warranty Ltd.

Our vehicle repair agreements are designed to provide the best possible outcomes for dealerships and their customers alike, minimising potential disputes and reputational damage while protecting both parties.

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Why should you choose Bluechip Warranty as the used vehicle warranty provider for your dealership?

We understand that making the switch from one used vehicle warranty provider to another can seem like a lot of hassle for potentially not much gain.

If you are reading this page, you are likely at least considering your options. We would therefore encourage you to ask your current warranty account manager these questions the next time they visit. 


What percentage of my warranty premium is allocated to the claims fund to pay my claims?

Bluechip Warranty Ltd allocates 80% of the net premium.

Can I see my claims activity and what has been discussed?

Bluechip Warranty Ltd gives you full access to all of your claim information in real time.

Can I see my claims fund?

Bluechip Warranty Ltd gives you full disclosure.

Can I see my burn rate?

Bluechip Warranty Ltd gives you full disclosure.

Why do you send engineers?

Bluechip Warranty Ltd very rarely send an engineer out.

Why do you always ask for photos upon claim submission?

Bluechip Warranty Ltd very rarely ask for photos.

Do you offer profit share if my account performs well?

Bluechip Warranty offer profit share for all dealers issuing 100 + policies per year and with a burn rate of less than 70%.


Left scratching your head or worried at the answers you receive? Maybe it's time for a change. Make an inquiry using the form below, or contact us directly at 0800 404 5814.

We stand out as the most open, transparent, and flexible warranty company in the UK.




What makes our Vehicle Repair Agreements different? 


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We do not believe in rigid, one-size-fits-all solutions. That's why we provide different levels of cover for each product, depending on you and your business's needs, in addition to both a fixed administration scheme and third-party breakdown cover.

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Partnership-Based Approach

We appreciate the importance of our role as a warranty provider in the day-to-day running of a used car dealership. For that reason, we endeavour to approach each arrangement as a mutually beneficial arrangement on a first-name basis, up to and including a profit sharing scheme.


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What do our partnering dealerships and their customers say about our Vehicle Repair Agreements?


So far my experience with Bluechip warranty has been really positive. I have used other warranty companies in the past which have been a pain! For me, the claim process has been easy and they are very efficient. Would recommend.

Fantastic service, had no idea what I was doing, staff on the phone helped out brilliantly and my garage sorted the quote with the claims team and everything was approved the same day


For a change in these present times, I have been fabulously impressed with Bluechip Warranty. As I neared the end of my cover I have had to contact them twice for two separate issues, in the space of a couple of weeks. The customer service I have received has been first class. The speed of response is outstanding. Both claims have been authorized within the same day. Payment was made for the first claim the day before it was due.


Have been using BlueChip as a dealer for sometime now and felt it's about time I left a review. From the beginning I have found their company to be straightforward, efficient and most importantly they act with integrity - they do what they say they're going to in their booklet. If dealers were more clear with what is and isn't covered - this is not a cover all policy - then I think this would stop a lot of the frustration that can occur. As I say to my customers - if it's in the book it's covered up to the claim limit. Anyway, thank you to BlueChip.



Looking to make the change?

If you've decided you want to work with a used vehicle warranty provider who always goes the extra mile or have a few questions you need addressed, please fill out the contact form. One of our sales team will be in touch to discuss your business, what you're looking for in a warranty provider, and how we can help.

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We are the most open and transparent warranty company in the UK

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